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Advanced Dental Technology - Jacksonville, FL

Your Dentistry Deserves to Feel Modern

The Wand from Compudent.

Over the past several decades, dentistry has only become more and more advanced in ways that benefit not just the dentist, but more importantly, the patient experience. This means that many treatments we provide are more comprehensive, comfortable and lead to better outcomes in every single way. So, whether you’re coming to Larry Young Dental for a basic checkup, a dental restoration, or to make sure you can receive your dental care in peace, advanced dental technology makes it possible every time you visit.

The Wand

A person receiving laser dentistry.

We care about keeping our patients’ comfortable, which is why we’re happy to introduce The Wand into our dental office! We understand that receiving injections during appointments can be unsettling for some. For many local anesthetics, the discomfort involved is concentrated into one region and can take time to dissipate, making care almost impossible for some patients. To slow down the process of administrating anesthesia as well as reduce the amount of time the tissue spends being numb, we use The Wand from Compudent!

Digital Impressions

A dentist performing a digital impression scan.

Any time that you need a restoration or prosthetics, such as a nightguard, mouthguard, or dental crown, you won’t have to deal with gray, goopy impression material along the way. With the iTero handheld wand and software, we can capture a fully digitized, 3D image of your existing teeth in only a matter of minutes! Not only does this mean you can avoid biting into a tray full of putty, but we can create a more detailed and accurate replica of your mouth. This reduces the risk of error and ensures a more comfortable-fitting restoration or oral appliance.

Soft Tissue Lasers

A master diagnostic wax up for a patient.

With a soft tissue laser, we can perform a wide variety of dental procedures. Dr. Young uses the DenMat® soft tissue diode laser to focus a concentrated beam of light onto specific treatment areas in your mouth. Whether we need to remove damaged gum tissue, make cosmetic adjustments to your gum line, or remove hardened plaque and tartar, we can do it all while ensuring your aftercare healing is shorter and retain more of your natural oral tissue as well.

Master Diagnostic Wax Ups

A patient receiving nitrous oxide sedation.

A wax-up is fabricated using white stone models and white wax, ensuring the most natural-looking results possible. After Dr. Young has developed a treatment plan with you, he’ll send the information he’s gathered about your mouth to an offsite dental lab. Then, they’ll remove a certain amount of tooth structure from the prepared model, wax on treatments or restorations over the prepped teeth, then send it back to our Jacksonville office. This way, you’ll know exactly what changes are possible!

Sedation Dentistry

Dentist showing patient advanced dental technology in Jacksonville, FL.

Wish you had a mild sedative to take the edge off at your next dental appointment? Nitrous oxide sedation is a great way to get it done quickly and with limited side effects, allowing you to continue your day without any interruptions. Of course, those with more significant anxiety or nervousness can take advantage of oral conscious sedation, a sedative that is taken a few hours before your appointment and leaves you feeling fully relaxed by the time your treatment begins.

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