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12 Days of Holiday Dental Tips from Your Local Dentist

November 15, 2017

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With the holiday season approaching, your dentist has a few things to discuss with you. Everyone’s schedules get out of whack, but that doesn’t mean that you should let your oral health fall to the wayside. Yes, it’s easy to become distracted from taking care of your teeth, but this week’s blog post offers a few helpful tips to keep your oral health on the up and up while you enjoy the holiday season.

12 Things to Take into Account This Holiday Season

1.     Make the holiday meaningful.

Americans often celebrate with enormous amounts of food. This is neither a good practice for your smile nor your waistline! Try playing more games, interacting with your loved ones by completing crafts, or holiday movie marathons. But if you must snack, there are more helpful holiday tips for you here.

2.     Drink less soda.

Can you even keep track of all the holiday parties you’re expected to attend this year? Each one of them will probably have a beverage bar including a variety of sugary drinks like soda. Your dentist has never been a supporter of soda. Just because it’s the holidays, that doesn’t change! Soda is still horrible for your teeth because of the excessive amounts of sugar and acid.

3.     Watch your wine consumption.

Wine can be a mellow, classy drink to have and bring along with you to dinner parties. If you like a nice red wine, just be mindful of how this can dull the brightness of your teeth. Try drinking white wine, but either way—it’s still important to brush your teeth afterward.

4.     Take a second serving of turkey.

Compared to all the sweets offered during the holidays, turkey provides large amounts of protein and phosphorus—both great nutrients for your smile. Ask for a second serving of turkey rather than a second slice of pie.

5.     Be cautious of the candy canes.

You’ve probably heard your dentist warn against hard candies before—candy canes are no different. Hard candies threaten your teeth because they can crack them, plus their sticky, sugary nature promotes tooth decay.

6.     Fill up your tummy on fruit if you have a sweet tooth.

Instead of the sweets, take in natural sugar. Just like there are cookie trays, take the initiative to bring a fruit tray to your next holiday party to provide a healthier alternative.

7.     Chomp on cheese if you must snack.

Cheese may be a better snack for you—especially if you’re sipping alcohol. Cheese has pH balancing properties to neutralize acids. Plus, it’s full of calcium!

8.     Dip into the veggie plate more often.

There may be a cookie tray next to the veggie tray—you know which one you’re tempted to attack. Instead, try snacking on more nutritious foods while you graze.

9.     In fact, forego the grazing altogether.

As mentioned above, there are many types of foods laid out for everyone to snack on. Grazing throughout the day can put your teeth at risk for more tooth decay. While you snack throughout the day, you leave food in the crevices of your smile—and let’s be real, we know they’re sugary foods. Even worse for your teeth!

10.  Don’t use your teeth as a tool.

In the high spirits of the holidays, it can be easy to rip open packages with your teeth. You dentist highly discourages this so that you don’t experience a dental emergency like a damaged tooth!

11.  Fill your stocking with smile saving tools.

Kids love stocking stuffers! Instead of throwing in candies or little trinkets, try stuffing the sock with a new toothbrush, cool dental tools like a flavored toothpaste, or brightly colored flossers.

12.  Get into the holiday spirit while cleaning your teeth.

Brushing your teeth is especially important during the holidays. Be sure to brush for at least two minutes each session. You can even hum your favorite holiday carol while you clean your teeth!

With these helpful holiday tips, your dentists will be able to give you the best gift of all—a healthier smile (that’s if you follow them)!

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