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Your Dentist Shares 5 Easy Tips to Fix Chronic Bad Breath!

September 6, 2017

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covering mouth embarrassed Everyone has a level of morning breath that they must endure until they brush their teeth, but does yours linger? Having chronic bad breath could be a red flag that your dental health is declining.

Your dentist is here to help you recover your fresh breath with these helpful tips.

What Causes Chronic Bad Breath?

Dry Mouth

Since one of saliva’s purposes is to clean your mouth, a decrease in saliva means that your natural cleansing system is lacking, leaving your mouth susceptible to bacteria build-up.

Tobacco Use

Not limited to smoking, any use of tobacco can lead to unpleasant breath. Chewing tobacco can leave particles on the mouth’s surface and even leave the smell of smoke in your lungs.

Periodontal Disease

Chronic bad breath is an early sign of gum disease. The bacteria in plaque builds up in the initial stages of gum disease, causing your breath to have an unpleasant smell.

Bad Home Hygiene

When you don’t practice good hygiene practices, food particles remain on the surfaces and crevices of your teeth, gums, and tongue. The bacteria that then lead you to have bad breath.

What Can You Do to Fix Chronic Bad Breath?

Here are a few dental tips that can help you improve chronic bad breath:

Proper Brushing Technique and a New Toothbrush

Most patients know that it’s important to brush their teeth—but are you doing it correctly? Are your tools up to par? It’s important to reach every inch of your mouth’s surface by brushing thoroughly for two minutes a day in a circular motion. Be sure to use a clean toothbrush with straight bristles. If it’s been longer than 3 months or if your toothbrush has bent, wacky bristles, it’s time to replace it!

Stimulate Your Saliva Production

As mentioned above, bad breath can be caused from a dry mouth. Try chewing sugar-free gum when you don’t have access to water. It’s best to drink at least 8oz glasses of water 8 times a day. Drinking copious amounts of water not only keeps your mouth smelling fresh, but it can keep and your whole body healthy.

Be Picky About Food Choices

There are some foods that can be harsh on your breath. Some strong seasonings like garlic or vinegar can linger for hours on end. Sugary, sticky foods can also make your mouth smell less than fresh because sugar can mix with dental bacteria. It’s always best to brush your teeth after enjoying these types of foods.

You don’t have to suffer from bad breath any longer when you follow these tips from your local dentist! If you continue to have less than fresh breath, it’s time to visit your dentist for additional assistance.

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