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Why Choose Invisalign in Jacksonville?

January 27, 2017

Have your best smile with Invisalign clear aligners from Jacksonville dentist, Dr. Larry Young. They offer many benefits over traditional braces.Your smile is important to your appearance and sense of confidence. You want to smile, laugh and speak in public, but gaps and crookedness make you feel ashamed. Metal braces seem like a terrible treatment option because of their appearance, and they can be very time-consuming. However, you do have a great alternative in Jacksonville: clear braces from Invisalign. They’re clear, comfortable, and removable, and best of all they craft healthy, beautiful smiles.



Cosmetic Dentist in Jacksonville Offers Chao Pinhole Surgery

December 13, 2016

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Your cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville.If you are living with sensitivity of your roots due to a receding gum line, you no longer have to live with the discomfort or appearance of a receding gum line. In the past, when you had your gum line repaired, it would require a gum grafting surgery. While the surgery is effective, it is quite painful and invasive. Now, your cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville, Dr. Larry Young, has an alternative to gum surgery. Using Chao Pinhole Surgery, you will restore the health and appearance of your gums using a quick and minimally invasive procedure. With this advanced new technique, there is no need for cutting or sutures. It is quick, easy, and instantly pleasing.