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Cost of Invisalign – Jacksonville, FL

What to Expect with Treatment

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Dr. Larry Young wants you to feel good about your decision to pursue treatment with Invisalign. If one of the lingering questions you’re wondering about is, “How much is Invisalign,” you’ll be surprised to learn that various factors can determine how much you will pay for your clear braces. If someone you know spent a certain amount, don’t expect to pay the same. It could be more or less depending on your individual case. However, one thing Dr. Young wants you to know is there are options available to make this treatment more closely align with your budget.

What Factors Influence the Cost?

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Because every patient has different needs, it’s impossible to specify a designated amount for Invisalign treatment. Instead, Dr. Young will closely examine your smile and determine which factors need to be addressed. These will determine how much your time spent with Invisalign aligners will cost. Some of these factors include:

Is It Worth the Investment?

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It is safe to say that if it wasn’t worth the investment, we would not offer it to our patients. Invisalign provides individuals with many benefits that cannot be found with any other type of orthodontic treatment. While most people tend to choose Invisalign for its ability to straighten teeth more discreetly, others look to its other benefits, including:

What Can I Expect During the Consultation?

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Before you can begin with Invisalign, it is necessary that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Young. During this appointment, you can expect him to examine and evaluate your smile. He will be looking for particular orthodontic-related issues, as well as the status of your overall oral health. This will enable him to formulate a personalized treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Should he find that your case requires more advanced treatment, it might result in your inability to pursue Invisalign. Some situations are so severe that only traditional braces can prove to be the most effective solution.

However, if you are deemed a qualified candidate, you not only learn about the process and what you can expect your smile to look like in the end, but you’ll also learn about the cost and available payment options. It’s important that you review your dental insurance plan to see if Invisalign is part of your benefit plan. Depending on the company, you may or may not be covered, but if you are not, there is another option – CareCredit. This third-party financier will enable you to spread your payment out over 6-12 months with no interest and no down payment.

It’s also possible to inquire about in-office financing, which includes three equal payments, the first of which is due at the time of treatment.

Special Offer Available

Dr. Young is currently offering a special discount for patients seeking Invisalign treatment. Now, he will take $749 off the total cost! Should you opt for 24-month financing with CareCredit, your payments can be as low as $187 per month and include a complimentary Invisalign consultation with good credit. Talk to us today about taking advantage of this special offer!

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