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In order to be HIPPA compliant it is important that you request your records from your previous office in writing.  We recommend getting this information by selecting one of the following options:

1)      Send an email to your previous office that includes your first and last name and your date of birth. Let them know that you are transferring to a different office and you would like a copy of your most recent x-rays emailed to office@larryyoungdental.comand include our phone number in the email in case they have any additional questions for our team 904-731-9833. 

The most useful and complete records would include your most recent bitewings, full mouth series and/or panoramic films.  We would also like to know the date of your most recent dental cleaning and if you have a history of periodontal therapy.  

2)      Request records in person, via mail, or by fax by printing out the form below:


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