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How it Works

In fact, we appreciate your confidence and trust so much we want to pay you back for referring us to friends, and we’ll make it simple. All you have to do: refer a friend to our care. All your friend has to do: mention your name when scheduling an appointment. We do the rest.

What You Get

Patients receive increasingly valuable rewards the more patients they refer including:

  • 1st referral – Welcome to the Referral Rewards Program gift!

  • 3rd referral – Phillips Sonicare toothbrush

  • 5th referral – In-office whitening

3 Easy Ways to Refer Us!

Word of mouth referrals are great, but we want to make it easy for you to share our practice with friends and family. Here are some quick ways to recommend Larry Young Dental today.

1. Share our website with a short review and explanation of the referral program to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media page.

2. Share a link to our site with a friend via e-mail.

EMAIL a Friend

3. Fill out a contact permission form for your friend and we will reach them on your behalf.

Find Out More

Want to find out more about the Referral Rewards Program from your Jacksonville dentist? Contact our friendly team, or feel free to ask at your next appointment.

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